Taste Your Own Adventure - Van Tour


Starting at $250+hst = $287.50

4 hours of private transportation, local expertise, and access to specific Where It's At location discounts

$50 for each additional hour (or portion of)

Minimum 1 guest, maximum 6 guests

Looking for a unique outing with friends? The Taste Your Own Adventure van tour provides a stress-free environment to sample our local libations. It's ideal not only for bachelor & bachelorette parties, but also for curious locals and guests of all sorts to the Annapolis Valley. We'd work with you ahead of time to figure out a possible itinerary based on your preferences and the available options. There's no shortage of amazing food, beverage, natural and cultural attractions 'round here. 

We can be spontaneous during the tour! Unless there are specific times to arrive at specific places, we're not 100% bound to the itinerary. This is possible because of the flexibility that comes with having only up to 6 guests. For example, audibles could be decided on as we're traveling in the van discussing the various options. Or, perhaps you're having a wonderful time at a certain location (that'll happen) and you don't want to leave yet. We can adjust! We're here to make sure you have an incredible time in the Annapolis Valley. 


Our local guides have a multitude of experience in the Annapolis Valley's craft beverage and tourism industries. We choose to live here because we love it here and we want to share this excitement with you.

Specific, discounted tasting samples or activities are often available at the various locations, including guided tours and/or personal talks. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for all costs incurred during your time with Where It's At, Tour Nova Scotia Ltd. A $20 charge will be added should your tour include attending a paid show, concert or event. 

As for exclusivity, the first group or person to book a tour will receive a discount should they agree to welcome additional guests. The first booking has the final say to if other guests are welcomed. Additional details about this topic will be discussed when figuring out your possible itinerary.   

- Depending on availability of the guides, tours can run any time, any day of the week. Dates and times to be confirmed at the time of booking. Spontaneity in the form of requesting a longer tour is subject to availability.  
- Tours depart from Wolfville. Any pickups or dropoffs outside of town would be negotiated at the time of booking. Additional charges could be added.  
- The $250+hst base price is for 4 hours of transportation, local expertise, and access to Where It's At location discounts. Each additional hour (or portion of) is an additional $50+hst. Additional transportation costs could incur if we travel outside of Kings County or the western end of Hants County.  

- The price isn't affected by the number of guests you book for your party (minimum 1, maximum 6).

- Should Where It's At receive a second request for a tour as the same time as your tour, we would ask if you'd be alright with additional guests. If so, you would receive a discount. Further details about this will be discussed at the time of your booking.  
- We can currently accommodate up to six guests in our classy 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring. A seventh guest is only sometimes possible depending on rental vehicle availability. YOU WOULD BE responsible for any rental car vehicle costs. 

Sample Locations:
Benjamin Bridge Winery
Horton Malt Shop
Tangled Gardens

Luckett Vineyards
Planter's Ridge Winery
Troy Restaurant
Wayfarer's Ale House
Foxhill Cheesehouse

The Core by Bad Apple Brewing

Paddy's Pub

On Tree Adventure Park

The Al Whittle Theatrre

CentreStage Theatre

...and many more