Wolfville Food Tours



Wolfville is a culinary hotspot in the Annapolis Valley with over 20 eateries to entice the most famished foodie. Wolfville Food Tours helps navigate through the tasty abundance with specific stops and guided commentary. This flavourful journey will leave your taste buds satisfied and have you making decisions on where to visit again tomorrow.

This three-hour walking food tour visits up to eight different establishments in Wolfville's beautiful, bustling downtown core. Be with local guides who offer their take on being in this delicious town. When possible, the establishments will provide a representative to speak on the food sampling and to share a few 'behind the scenes' stories and laughs. 

Cherish coffee & chocolate, munch meze, savour soup, crush crepes, sip cider, pair a beer, choose Chinese, and scream for ice cream!

Thursdays, May 9 - October 31, 2019

Just Us! Coffee, Wolfville, 450 Main Street

2:30pm - 5:30pm 

(rain or shine)


$59 + HST = $67.40 - Adults 

$54 + HST = $61.65 - Under 18 years 

(minimum 1 guest, maximum 12 guests) 

Purchase Tickets:
We use and all their outlets in the valley such as Cochrane's Pharmacy in Wolfville. Tickets must be purchased by 8pm the evening before the tour.

Ticket Types:
No-Restriction, Vegetarian, & Pescetarian available until 8pm the evening before the tour.

**Special-Diet tickets available up until 48-hours before the tour. 

YOU MUST contact us at time of purchase to confirm these special diet requests:**

902-692-8546 /  
Sorry, not all dietary requests can be accommodated.

Please wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather as we go rain, shine, or other. It's Nova Scotia. Don't eat too much before the tour...that said, not all hunger levels are made equal. Please plan accordingly. 

Part proceeds from every Wolfville Food Tour goes to support SOUP.


1. How does a Wolfville Food Tour work? 

From one delicious stop to the next, you’ll learn facts about Wolfville's history, charm, and culture. We’ll skip the lines to indulge in mouth-watering foods and share expert recommendations & local tips. It's a delicious three-hour walk through town.

2. Do I have to book a ticket in advance? 

Yes, you sure do! We place all of our food and beverage orders in advance, so it’s essential to book your ticket ahead of time. Most tickets can be purchased online or at any physical Ticketpro location up until 8pm the Wednesday evening prior to the tour. Please contact us at least 48 hours in advance for special dietary concerns.

3. When should I take my Wolfville Food Tour?

As soon as possible! If you're visiting from afar, these tours provide a solid orientation to the Annapolis Valley. Our expert tour guides will be able to share additional recommendations, local tips, and other must-do activities. If you're a local, even better! Perhaps you've been into our locations already, but have you learned about the business while you were there? As much as possible, representatives from each establishment will address our groups to provide further insight.

4. How much do we eat? 

A fair amount. Participants have never complained about  lack of food. At least 8 locations in a 3-hour span add up, so it's best to arrive with your breakfast well digested.

By the end of the tour experience, most guests are fully-satisfied, as if they had a meal. For those with larger appetites, feel free to pack a granola bar or have something light prior to. Not all hunger-levels are the same, so plan accordingly. 

5. How do we choose the tour stops? 

We handpick every one of our locations. We're so fortunate in Wolfville to have such an abundance of fantastic options to choose from. These are foods that we crave and these are places we genuinely love to visit with our own friends and family. We have arrangements with our locations and we work together as partners in making memorable experiences for our guests.

Dietary Restrictions: 

What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies? 

We offer vegetarian and pescetarian (fish, no meat) ticket options on Wolfville Food Tours up until 8pm the evening before the tour. As all of our food and drink tastings are arranged in advance, we ask that you please pre-purchase the correct ticket option for you. 

**Special Diet tickets are available up to 48 hours before your tour. Please contact us (902-692-8546 / at the time of your purchase with your requests and we will order alternate tastings wherever possible.** 

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee substitutions at all locations for dietary restrictions such as: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, and other food allergies. You’re welcome to join us, but you may miss out on a number of tastings.

Are there gluten-free options? 

Wolfville Food Tours are not gluten-free. Please send us an email up to 48-hours before the tour and select the Special Diet tickets and we will order alternate tastings wherever possible.

As needed, our tour guides will be able to find answers to questions about ingredients in each dish. Our guests make their own partaking decisions. Please note, we cannot guarantee that cross-contamination may not occur due to the nature of our tasting locations. 

If you have further questions or severe food allergies, please contact us at 902-692-8546 / before purchasing tickets. 

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